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When I think of the brand Sugarpill, one word comes to mind: COLOR!!!! This is definitely one of the most incredible cosmetic lines to truly approach color the way it was meant to be. I am a fanatic makeup stalker and when I heard about this brand, I was on the hunt. I was so impressed after seeing all the positive reviews that I couldn’t stay away. I had actually heard about Amy (creator) from EBay because I loved to see the gorgeous items she was selling. Always such beautiful, vintage and different items of clothing that were flashy, and unique. The same is true for Sugarpill, an indie brand of high quality and amazingly pigmented shadows. The best part is that it appeals to EVERYONE of all skin tones for fabulous looks.  From what I have learned, the founder and creator of the line Amy was inspired by the glamorous makeup frequently used by drag queens and performers. Her love of theatrical makeup also made an impact to what she was dreaming of creating. The result being an intense and velvety soft line of shadows that give a high voltage of color and blend seamlessly on the skin. I am just a regular girl who LOVES color especially in makeup. I come from the land of the bronzed, natural, ethnic look land that is South Florida. South beach is known for it’s bathing beauties with gorgeous bodies, faces and natural looks without too much overwhelming color. So this explains why I DON’T fit in. Lol I may have the gorgeous face, but I LOVE me some color! Sugarpill was right up my alley and I was so impressed by what they accomplished in such a short time. They have only been out for a little over a year and have caused a major impact of the beauty community. Here are a few reasons why: between the flawlessness of their line, attention to detail, their incredible packaging and customer service, they have really set the bar. One amazing feature about this line is their attention and customer service. With a flat rate shipping fee in the US and ability to also ship worldwide, it’s amazing. The best part is when you receive your order and it comes quickly and packaged in gorgeous hot pink tissue paper, samples, business cards and with your order slip signed PERSONALLY by Amy! How impeccable is that? There are a plethora of makeup lines out today and so many to come. What makes Sugarpill so impressive is that from the very start you feel like you are number one as a customer and then are spoiled rotten from the phenomenal product that you have purchased. All in all, I highly recommend this product. I urge to go to and find yourself in a wonderland of epic beauty. I hope this Rave was helpful and thank you for visiting my blog! Love, peace and beauty always!!! Xoxo
PS: Here is a video of my review that I did for Youtube for further information!

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  1. Thanks for your review! I love colors too haha...

  2. Of course!!! They are really beautiful and pigmeneted. One of my favs!!! :)


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