Goodbye to the girl with the violet eyes.....

10:22 PM

Today we lost the legendary Elizabeth Taylor at the age of 79. What can you say about one of the MOST beautiful women to ever grace the screen? She had it all, fame, fortune, talent and of course timeless beauty. To quote the lovely Debbie Reynolds, "Every woman wanted to be like her and every man wanted her, including mine." Married eight times & twice to the truest love of her life Richard Burton, she knew what is was to be loved. She knew how to rise above despair, tribulation and illness and fight to keep going. What is so amazing about her was her natural ability to project class and epitomize what a real lady is. The first thing that comes to mind when remembering her are her gorgeous face and her incredible talent on screen. Who can forget films like "Cleopatra" and "Cat on a hot tin roof"? Those are just a taste of all she gave to us. I even said it today on twitter that when I look back and think of how perfect she always looked in her films. Can you only imagine what it would have been like if back in the 50's and 60's there would have been the makeup lines that there are today? Her beauty mainly radiated from the inside and all her goodness and generosity. She was so giving and worked so hard as an ambassador for AMFAR as well as a spokesperson for GLAAD. She believed in sharing and giving love at all costs and that was the most beautiful thing about her. Today in the New York Times, I think that Barbra Streisand said it best: "It is the end of an era". So I say goodbye to an amazing icon that I will forever cherish who has brought me some of the best memories of my life. You will live in my heart forever....... In you honor, I share some of my favorite films:

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