The most important beauty item you can have.....Confidence!!!!

10:22 AM

Hello to all my beauty stalkers!

 Do you spend your life planning, worrying and stressing about anything and everything in your life? Do you wake up and get out of the shower only to look in the mirror and not like what you see? Do you look at yourself thinking that you look tired, haggard and not happy with yourself? You are NOT the only one! This happens everyday and this post isn't to tell you about what new product is out and send you buy anything. This is to tell you that you the most imperative item is in your beauty collection and you overlook it every single day: Your confidence!!!! That love for yourself that you need to make you smile and not care about what the world can throw at you. The best gift we have as human beings is the ability to change who we are. If there is something that we are not happy with, we can just take the initiative to make it better. It can be anything, emotional, mental or physical! The most frequent occurrence is when we let others affect how we live OUR lives. That is the hardest thing to overcome and it is vital to look at ourselves and make a stand to change that. NO ONE can dictate who you are or who you will become. You are so amazing and unique in your own special and were made for greatness!!! You have to tell yourself that every single day: You were made for GREATNESS! The most important saying is the truest of all: "In order to love someone, you must love yourself first". This is so true because so many get lost trying to please others and they are never happy. When I was planning my first filming of my videos, I was scared about how I would "like" myself on camera. I even stated it on Twitter asking my followers to say a prayer for me. It was then I got the best message from a very special person that told me that if I didn't believe in myself, no one else would. She was completely right! I mean your inner voice is imperative to accomplishing even the smallest task. Only you can tell yourself that you can do something and actually be confident enough to do it. This post is so important for me because I have been intimated so many times when starting this blog and my YT channel. Society is very complex and judgemental these days and with the Internet, those of us that are out there are exposed to everything! I created this for myself and my YT channel is all for me and those who believe in me. I know that I can do anything and I will do all I can to give myself a positive boost everyday! Are you up to the same challenge? I leave you with one of my favorite songs that is so true in its lyrics. Enjoy my gorgeous people...... <3 <3 <3 always and laugh often!!!

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