Product Rave!!! For Men and Women

7:30 AM

Hello all my beauty stalkers.....

I am here today with a product rave!!! This was a product that was sent to me for consideration and I ended up repurchasing more. It is for the vitamin enriched, homeopathic oral spray: Sprayology. This stuff is to put it lightly....AMAZING!!!I happened to receive the Body Skin Tonic at the perfect time. We were having those two days a year in South Florida where is was cold and my skin wasn't too used to that and was feeling dry. I am known as a HUGE lotion person and I am constantly applying so it was annoying when I would notice any dryness. This particular one that I tried out was meant to rejuvenate dry skin and believe me, it did. Within a couple of days I notice a difference and felt more hydrated. I have a sensitivity to certain vitamins, meds, etc. Sprayology was just what the doctor ordered. All you need to do is spray 2 pumps under the tongue 2-3 times a day and within days you will feel it working. It costs $24.00 USD  for a 1.38 oz bottle and will last you about a month if needed everyday. It will really last you a while if you are using it sporadically for a certain issue. I really think it's pretty worth it if you factor in the benefits and costs of separate items.  I even had a friend who's son was having skin issues (eczema, I believe) and I recommended this. Sprayology has now become a staple in her house. It helped relieve the skin irritation her poor son was dealing with and stopped him from scratching. What is so great about this line too is that they a spray for anything and everything. They have them for cold & flu, stress relief, sleep deprivation and even if you had too much to drink on a fun night out and woke up dehydrated and not yourself. There is something for everyone! The one I cannot wait to try is the one for PMS!!!!! I still can't believe it. That is a godsend and significant others around the world rejoice.... So I will keep you posted when I get and try that one out as well. So I hope you find this review/rave helpful and it opens your eyes to natural alternatives that are out in the health and beauty market. These days it is scary how we are so inclined to quickly take medication for something. This gives you an option. There is a video to go with this review that I hope you will enjoy and stay tuned, I have some amazing stuff lined up!!! Love, peace and beauty to all my stalkers!!!Xoxo

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