Contouring Made Easy with BECCA Cosmetics!

12:15 PM

One of the biggest makeup looks on the runways at this year’s NYFW was a natural, clean, and contoured face.  Achieving this look used to be challenging– but with BECCA’s fool-proof arsenal of products you can achieve a naturally contoured look in just three easy steps.  
If you can make a ‘3’ and a ‘C’, you can have a beautifully contoured look just like the models on this year’s runway!  See below for expert steps from BECCA’s Style Director, Kerry Cole.

There is nothing better then the right products for the look you want and these are definitely amazing! Contouring has been one of the most talked about and googled trends in beauty and makeup looks. With celebs like Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian bringing the trend to a whole new level, BECCA is a brand that offers flawless makeup for that perfect look. For more information or to purchase, go to your local BECCA counter, Sephora or on their site:! Let us know your thoughts and how you get your favorite look . Xoxo

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