Getting ready for Valentine's Day!!! Plus Mascarathon begins!!!

12:36 AM

Hello to all my beautiful stalkers! I hope you are having a good weekend. I have actually been pretty productive this weekend working on several things for Curvy, school and other stuff. I am actually getting excited about Valentine's Day. Not because of huge plans or romantic events....That's just a bonus. I really love everything that revolves around Red Hearts and Cupcakes and everything is Pink and Red. It really makes me happy and any additional excuses to watch romantic movies is a plus. I love to plan what I will be wearing that day. I love planning my makeup, nails, etc. I am all about the eyes, especially long romantic lashes. They can be the perfect set of falsies or your own with the right products. I truly get excited about all of it, but that's what a makeup junkie does. I also realized that I do want to start filming again hopefully for next week for my YT channel. I have abandoned it only because I got so engaged with my commitment to Curvy and I really am organizing all my ventures. I have a haul video coming up along with a favorites, even though it will be late. :)

But I am also going on a Mascarathon! I have acquired a bunch of new ones that I am trying and will be filling you all in. Now, I must state that theu will range from high end to budget. I will be trying several. My first one that I am playing with right now and loving is the Covergirl 24 hour Lashblast.

I can honestly say that I am loving it. Not only is my favorite new Covergirl (Sofia Vergara) doing the commercial, but it is flawless on me. Remember that everyone is different, so I can only say what it does for me. I am famous for my eyes being sensitive and for teary, so mascaras tend to flake or run. This one does not. It lasts a long time, coats lashes beautifully and makes them long and full. I am really happy to share that it's great. I am a fan of several Covergirl mascaras, but this is coming in the lead. Anyhow, as I mentioned I am trying several as I have been acquiring them now with the spring launches. Let me know if there are any in particular you want to know about and I will do a review. So I hope you are all having a fabulous weekend with those you love and looking forward to an amazing upcoming week! I am bringing this blog back to life, so feel free to leave suggestions on items you want me to look into or review and spread word, Pinky is back and growing. I will make sure to add my YT vids on my blog as I start filming again. Let's ready for Superbowl Sunday!!!! Xoxo

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