Happy Halloween

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Hello you beautiful stalkers!!!! It's Halloween and I hope you had a fabulous one with friends, family and those you love to be silly with. I am working on several things to get back into blogging mode. I know I have been lost for a while and I am missing all the random stuff I want to share. I will also be working on my Youtube channel as well, so don't fret. So I wanted to share a little bit of what I did on all Hallow's Eve. I had a fabulous time tonight in my neighborhood giving out candy. We have a lot of children that come by and it is so fun to have them come to the house looking so cute and excited about collecting candy! :)
I just love the fall, It really is one of my favorite times of year. So as for myself, I really didn't do a traditional costume and that was pretty much the plan all along. I have this cute little outfit to lounge in that is specific for halloween with pumpkins, black cats and candy corn all over. It's super comfy, so I knew I was going to wear that to give out candy. Marlena, the makeupgeek had done a tutorial on candy corn makeup and it blew me away! I love we she and I have so much alike and I feel in love with how the look came out on her. So I decided that I definitely wanted to do my makeup like that for tonight. I will be adding some pics, but wanted to share the products I was wearing:

Primer: Mally Perfect primer for face
Foundation: Dior Nude liquid foundation in Medium Beige - 030
Concealer:  It Cosmetics Bye Bye under eyes
Eye primer: Urban Decay Primer Potion
Shadows: Sugarpill's Buttercupcake (yellow) and Flamepoint (Orange). Magnolia Makeup in Orb (White)- Review for Magnolia Makeup coming for Curvymag! :)
Black Eyeliner: Mally Evercolor Liner in Midnight
Brows: It Cosmetics Brow Power
Lashes: Model21 - (Review coming for those on Curvymag, so stay tuned) :)
Mascara: Voluminous Million Lashes WaterProof
Finishing Powder: Mally Skin Finisher & Face Defender for touch ups (A MUST HAVE)
Blush: Vapour Cream Blush in Torch
Highlighter: Smashbox liquid shimmer

So that seems to be everything, I hope you like how this came out. I was really happy and it was so fun to do! Have a fabulous week my loves and remember to stay beautiful! Xoxo

Stay tuned for all kinds of fun stuff to come my gorgeous stalkers and stay glued to Curvy Magazine for my articles and reviews!!! www.curvymagazine.com

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