Spring is in the Air...and so is beauty~~

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Hello My gorgeous Stalkers!

I know that I am taking a while to update and post, but I will be doing my best to get back in the game and prioritze..... With School, Curvy Mag, planning editorials and now working on freelancing my writing skills, it can get a bit crazy! I am loving spring so far, the weather is always hot....But that's Miami. The colors and the sky have been beautiful!!! I am loving so many things right now, especially my makeup! :) I have been very attached to certain products, including the IT Cosmetics powder foundation, it's phenomenal!!!!

Also, when I want something that feels light and looks flawless, I go to Covergirl 2 in 1 Tone Rehab foundation, it feels so amazing on the skin and lasts.

The Covergirl Olay simply ageless concealer is also fabulous. It is fabulous and nourishing for the skin and gives amazing coverage!

There are alot of things that I look forward to with the coming season including nail polish. As you may all know, I am an 80's girl and crazy for most of what came from the decade, so all the Neons are so exciting!!!!

I am truly going crazy over the collections that have launched. I just did an article on all of them for Curvy. It can be fun, because you can experiment with a lot of color whether it be with your outfits or your makeup. I am truly a lover of color when it comes to my makeup. I remember that there were times I went through the whole black eyeliner, red lipstick phase, but when you are a makeup stalker like me, you never have a signature look. One thing that can be typical for me is that I try to make my eyes stand out with color, lashes, etc. For example:

Another thing is I am LOVING hot pink lips this season..... I always love pink, but never wore it as often as I have been. I have been truly love the Milani lip products, that is what I normally go for. I am addicted to several mascaras right now too. There are so many great ones! So with these hotter days, I am getting ready to line up the BB creams, tinted moisturizers and cream blushes to keep my face hydrated and the coverage even. I will work on doing my next post to share some of my fav ones with you.

One of my obsessions for blush is the L'oreal mousse blush, they are incredible!!! My favorite thing is to layer blush, etc. I love to apply cream and then layer powder over. One of my top powder blushes are the Tarte amazonian clay blushes. They are incredible and last all day!

Anyhow, so there is alot of fun stuff happening in the beauty industry this season! I am so excited with all the fun stuff that is happening! Let me know if there is anything in particular that you want me to share..... I miss rambling all my crazy makeup stories~~ Stay beautiful my sweethearts!!! Until next time.... Xoxo

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