Introducing Pantene's New Brand Ambassador, Gisele Bündchen

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Hello my beauty stalkers and Happy New Year!!! I know that I am a little delayed on new posts for the new year....But I was prepping for all the amazing things to come this year with new launches, collections, etc. So I am so excited to announce Pantene's newest ambassador: Supermodel, Gisele Bündchen! Known as one of the biggest models in the industry, Gisele is stunning and also famous for her beautiful hair. As a new ambassador for Pantene, Gisele also introduces some fabulous new collections to come. With that, I have a link where you can get a free sample of it sent directly to you! Here is all the information:

Oxidative Damage: It happens to all hair - on a daily basis - and it has been holding us back from optimum hair health!  It happens from the copper in the water we use to wash our hair everyday ( or almost every day…until now).

There is a new technology that’s going to change the game! Anti-Oxidant (EDDS) technology helps to prevent this oxidative damage, providing a new dimension of healthy hair. We are going to be debunking hair myths in 2014.
The Anti-oxidant technology works to preserve the health of your hair over the long-term, challenging the myth that shampooing daily is harmful to hair.

Here is the link to get your free sample and please make sure to tag @Pantene with the hashtag #NuevoCabelloNuevoTu

You can be the FIRST to try this new technology, for FREE! 

She was on Jimmy Fallon last week and mentioned becoming part of the Pantene family!

She even played flip cup with Matthew McConaughey

So make sure to get your free sample and try out the new collections today! Get your hair ready this new year with Pantene

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