Miami Salon Review: Million Dollar Nails #2

9:32 PM

Hey my beauties! I am coming to you today with a new series of reviews that I will be doing on local places in Miami. Today, I wanted to share my experience with the second location of a very popular nail salon located here in Kendall. Million Dollar Nails has now taken management over a second location at: 15725 SW 72nd St. I recently went there to get acrylic nails and wanted to share my thoughts with you. Kendall locals are very familiar with the original MDN location located in London Square.  After the owner had great success with this salon, she decided to open a second location. I was very  excited for her to set me up with one of her very talented nail technicians. I can honestly tell you that I was very impressed in the end result of how my nails turned out. I can be a very difficult client and usually am very specific with what I am looking for. Here are a few pics of how they turned out:

My nail technician Gleibys worked very hard & took very good care of me. I know that I can a bit picky when it comes to my nails, but it is because I really want them to look a certain way. I wanted white tip acrylics with gel over them so they would look like a french mani. All the technicians at the salon are very talented and work well with all types of looks. From regular mani/pedis as well as acrylics and nail art, they can give you what you're looking for. While I was there, I saw a fabulous reverse french mani being done in nude and black that was stunning. With so much talent and the newest trends, this second location of MDN is really making a statement. If you are close to this location, you should check it out. Here are some pics of other nails done at this salon.

They offer the hottest nail colors, nail art and trends. If you are looking for a great location that offers a relaxing environment with a spa feel, Million Dollar Nails is definitely the place for you. They are very accommodating, welcoming and attentive to all your beauty needs. Walk-ins are welcome and their phone number is: 305-386-1336. You can give them a call for more information. Have fun my beauties and let them know that you heard about them here!!! Xoxo

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