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Hello my Austin beauties, I think we need to chat about an amazing discovery I came across in my adventures exploring the local beauty scene. I have seen all kinds of style, fashion and of course beauty. I did find the artistry come alive in hair and beauty. This includes nails especially with all kinds of shapes, lengths, styles, techniques and some of the most incredible nail art I have ever seen. I know that there is that whole Kardashian white that has risen trend-wise in short and long nails. But as far as I am seeing around time, it's all about art that comes alive on your nails. With that, I am so excited to feature an amazing and talented nail tech I came across on IG. Her name is Lastar Anderson and she has her salon, Studio Nailz in the Salons by JC in Round Rock. With a cozy and relaxing suite, she has everything to make you comfortable. She's all about the details with everything from essential oils warming in the room to comfortable seating to make your experience a special one. I can honestly say that I appreciated escaping the world outside into a suite that keeps you calm and in a state of bliss. It makes you want to return as soon as you can.

When it comes to her technique and style, Lastar is just that Style. Offering Gel manicures, pedicures as well as acrylic and gel nails. Her skill is impeccable and she can make you look and feel amazing with every last shape, polish, and bling she gives you! I can honestly say from experience that I had the best time and was very impressed by her talent.  I went there and discussed what I was interested in and also wanted her to share her thoughts. Back in Miami, I tried to do my nails as often as I could and I had gotten into a frame of mind of only doing a few colors that I love and was grateful for Lastar's input. It was the end result that spoke for itself. I got a full set, medium length with a ballerina shape. The color and nail art I left to her. I also got a gel pedicure to match. I also want to mention that she does dry pedicures which I loved especially when she explained what is involved with pedicure chairs with tubs, etc. My pedicure was amazing and my feet not only looked beautiful but felt incredible with the foot mask she gave me.
After all, I moved to Austin and wanted to take it all in. The lifestyle, the people, the style and of course the beauty trends. With everything from natural nails to acrylics and gel overlays, Lastar offers it all. With that in mind, take a look at some of her favorite nail looks shes done:

As you can see there is no limit to her artistry. She definitely is in a league of her own!
So now, as mentioned earlier Lastar and I discussed a photo session I was going to be working on. I would be working on a fashion feature along with the right backgrounds in Austin. So after I showed her my outfit, here is what she came up with and how it looked in the pics: 

This is right after I left the salon. 

My photo session. I love how they look in the pictures. 

So I am sure that you can see why I am such a huge fan of Lastar and that I highly recommend her as a nail technician you must see right away!
To contact her here are her deets:

Facebook Page: Studio Nailz

Instagram: @lastar_anderson

Schedule here: Appointments

OK Austin Beauties, I hope you check her out! I can assure you that you love it. 
Until next time, Xoxo

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