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Hello my loves! As I had mentioned, I had relocated to Austin in January 2017. I took some time for myself and to get acclimated and am slowly getting back into the groove of things. With that in mind, I have been exploring the city and taking in all the art, scenery and style it encompasses. It's interesting because coming from Miami, it is such a different ambiance. Miami is beautiful, stylish and offers everything esthetically beautiful in the city and the people. What I love about Austin is that it too has a beauty and style all its own. It is artistically stylish that flows naturally along with a wild confidence that speaks to those around them. There is so much to enjoy and see no matter what time, season or even day of the week. So I just want to share some of the fun things I have come to enjoy:

As you can see, I have been taking pics in different locations, mainly downtown on South Congress to be exact. What is so fabulous is being able to walk into so many different kinds of stores, check out local street performers and even just sit around and people watch. With the rise in the hipster community in Austin, you get to encounter as well as learn what's new and trendy. With the trendy however comes the vintage in bookstores, cafes and local artists. It truly is an artist mecca that transports you through the new and old styles and keeps you engaged to see it all.

This is at the Round Rock Outlet malls that I love!!! They have so many fabulous stores!

Here are some great items I found at a novelty store on South Congress called Triple Z Threads:

Even got my dad in a couple of shots! 

I know that food trucks are everything these days and I saw the cutest cupcake place:

And of course, I couldn't go without checking out South Congress books, a gorgeous vintage bookstore that had me swooning....

So all in all, I am mesmerized by what Austin has to offer and I am only at the beginning of my adventures. I am on a quest to get in touch with the beauty trends and style here in the city and to share them with you. I will be checking out new looks, trends, must-haves and more. I am working on reviews for several different categories of beauty including: haircare, skincare, nail care (nail art) and more as I go into vetting different salons in the city that work in different specialties. 

For those of you that follow me on social media, you may have seen that I recently had my eyelash extensions done as they needed models at Amazing Lash in Round Rock. It was very interesting as it was my first time. I will be returning in the future to work on a collaboration/review of their salon. I was very impressed and can't wait to share more. I didn't the best pics, but are some to give you an idea: 

And with that folks, I say until next time. I have some great pieces coming with features on new collections and launches from your fav brands, summer beauty, fashion launches, reviews and more. I can't wait to show you some of the new looks I will be sharing and doing for summer. Enjoy every moment beauties, the best is yet to come!!! Xoxo

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