Introducing Smile Brilliant: A Home Teeth Whitening System! My thoughts & A GIVEAWAY!!!!!

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Hey my beauties, so today I am coming to you regarding a fabulous whitening system that I am sure you are going to want to try out! I am usually pretty skeptical when it comes to whitening teeth systems because they are always promising quick results that are long lasting. With that said I have tried several including the strips, the toothpastes, the mouthwashes, etc. When I was approached by Smile Brilliant to check out their product, I must say I was interested. So I waited patiently to check out the kit and see what I was looking at.

When you get the kit, it includes a few different items and products to check out. It comes with putty and trays to make your precise dental impression in & you send those to the company so they can send you back custom fitting whitening trays for your sessions. That was something I thought was really appealing because it was such a professional approach to whitening your teeth. I also checked out the testimonials on their site! The kit also comes with the full instructions on what to do along with your sensitivity and whitening gel. It allows you the opportunity to try out the system once you receive your custom fitting whitening trays. I got my trays relatively quickly after sending in my impressions and they came out great. It made the process so much easier and simpler. No LED lights to hold in my mouth or anything that would leak. The sessions went well and I am honestly pretty impressed by my results. Being a beauty blogger, I try out several different products and this one truly holds as a holy grail. I can definitely recommend it for all your whitening needs, especially being someone who takes several selfies and can honestly see the amazing difference. Here are some examples:

Before using Smile Brilliant:

After regularly using Smile Brilliant for a few sessions:

You can check out the obvious difference in my smile. I am so glad to share this with you and also look forward to having you check them out as well! I am working to get a coupon code and as soon as I do, I will give it to you. Until then, stay smiling my beauties..... Xoxo

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