Secret Mean Stinks Announces First Ever Nice Scholarship!

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Hello my amazing beauty lovers and fashionistas! I am actually posting this a little late, but there is still time to apply: 

I wanted to reach out to you about something that is very dear to my heart. With school having so many ups and downs these days. It is truly scary to see that there is still so much bullying taking place. With the rise in technology, it of course has been taken to another level. There are however campaigns and foundations that offer incentives to help bring awareness to bullying and they also sometimes come with something positive that will help. I really believe that you will be inspired to join Secret and their Mean Stinks movement to bring an end to girl-to-girl bullying with their first-ever Nice Scholarship in honor of October’s National Bullying Prevention Month.

As the importance of empowering young girls continues to grow and is a hot topic in politics, media and everyday conversations, Secret Mean Stinks realizes that no one can make change alone! Today, they are announcing the brand’s first-ever Nice Scholarship to celebrate the students who stand up to girl-to-girl bullying through the nice words and actions they share every day.

Three standout high-school students who are making a positive impact on their friends and peers will win a $10,000 scholarship each toward their college education in support of their efforts to make the world a nicer, bully-free place.

For more details on the scholarship contest and how to enter, please see below! I would love for you to share this on social media and bring more awareness as well as give the opportunity to students who want to spread nice and win an amazing college scholarship for all of their hard work. In any tweets or posts, please include this hashtag: #ChainofNice!

Here's all the deets for this scholarship: 

How to Enter to Win the Secret Mean Stinks Nice Scholarship

Students must be 17 or older to enter, and winners will be chosen by a panel of sponsor-selected judges based on the following judging criteria:
·         Purpose and Support: Exhibits a good understanding of the issues of girl-to-girl bullying and supports it with examples that he/she has witnessed or endured personally (25%)
·         Organization and Logic of Idea:  Develops a sound plan to end girl-to-girl bullying in his/her community or school; this can be something he/she has already executed or a plan he/she will execute in the future (45%)
·         Leadership and Results: Articulates ways in which his/her plan has impacted his/her community. If the plan hasn’t been executed yet, describes ways that he/she will measure success (20%)
·         Grammar and Spelling (10%)

Submissions will be accepted today through Dec. 14 on and the winners will be announced and recognized for their efforts at the start of 2016 on and via Secret Mean Stinks’ social platforms.

This is such an amazing opportunity for to promote something positive and make a difference as well as win a scholarship for school. Please spread the word and Good Luck! #Meanstinks 

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