#CallMeCaitlyn Introducing Caitlyn Jenner!

12:43 PM

Hello my beauties!!! I hope you are ready, because she has arrived.... As it was leaked on Friday afternoon, transgender Olympic Champion formerly known as Bruce Jenner, was going to be gracing the cover of Vanity Fair for the first time as a woman. So here she is, meet Caitlyn Jenner! Today Vanity Fair and Caitlyn launched the cover and it has exploded all over the internet. I can honestly say from my heart, that I was truly finding my place since this story even came to light. Now, after seeing the cover and hearing her say in her own words that she is now "free".... I just couldn't be happier for her. We live in a society that tries to dictate us into what we "should" be, how we "should" look and what we "should" feel. This truly defies all of that and bridges the gap between myth and reality! Happiness knows no bounds and love is everything. So I applaud anyone who takes a stand and embraces who they are. May you be happy and feel peace Caitlyn, because you deserve it. Here are some other pics and a behind the scenes from Vanity Fair:

Behind the scenes:

And in closing, all I can say is: Caitlyn Jenner, you have arrived! Xoxo

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