SIUDY Between Worlds - A Review!

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This past weekend, critically acclaimed flamenco dancer, Siudy Garrido stars in Pablo Croce's production of Siudy Between Worlds. An electric story told completely through dance incorporating raw emotive Flamenco with cross-cultural dance and percussion. Here is a little more info on the show:

The new 2014 edition of Between Worlds comes to both cities with an amazingly re-designed production, set and lighting.  The Miami shows will feature a special dance troupe that has not traveled or toured with the production previously, and will introduce a special guest appearance by the world renowned Flamenco legend from Seville, Antonio Canales, who will perform exclusively for the two Miami shows only.  Siudy Garrido was originally an understudy in Canales’ dance company, and Canales now makes a headline performance as Siudy’s father in the Flamenco World during the re-imagined Entre Mundos show.  The shows in both Miami and Orlando will also feature a new addition and special guest appearance by the acclaimed Broadway star of West Side Story, George Akram, who plays Siudy’s love interest.  Celebrated Flamenco guitarist, Jose Luis Rodriguez will provide his own unmistakable style of musical accompaniment.

The progressive and contemporary fusion of traditional Flamenco with multiple urban dance forms, features a lead performance by the show’s co-founder and talented choreographer, Siudy Garrido - a 2011 nominee for the Drama Desk Award in outstanding choreography.

A cast of more than 20 performers will take to the stage, manifesting the primeval and futuristic vision of Pablo Croce and the choreographic excellence of Siudy Garrido. The show brings to life an unforgettable love story, told through the universal language of percussion and dance that is set in a futuristic world. In the wake of a catastrophic and climatic apocalypse, humankind grasps desperately to its existence, forcing the survival of small, segregated tribes. In a world without rain - lakes, rivers and seas are evaporating and tensions rise between the remaining tribes that are on the brink of war, leading humanity into a desperate struggle for survival.  Confrontation prevails, with tribes competing for water - as the most important resource for life - in a world in which lawlessness is abundant. From the moment the curtains are raised, Siudy makes a dramatic entrance, commanding the stage with her presence in a perilous landscape that provides the perfect juxtaposition between the art of melodic Flamenco and an aggressive hybrid of urban dance. Each tribe represents a core artistic talent that is carefully revealed throughout the intensity of the storyline.  As a desperate world continues to unfold, the audience experiences the true extent of this spectacular, world-class performance, intricately weaved into an unforgettable and climactic ending.

SIUDY Between Worlds is a cross-discipline dance theater performance spectacle that integrates one-of-a-kind, progressive, Flamenco choreography using a sampling of live urban and afro percussion.  Traditional instruments from across the globe are organically weaved into street beats and beatboxing, among other musical influences.  Breakdance, hip-hop and funk dance troupes fuse their movements in a portrayal of a struggle for survival. Award-winning Flamenco composer, Sevillian Diego Franco, scores the original music for Siudy Between Worlds.

It stretches the limits of artistic and cultural boundaries in a post apocalyptic story that leads to one lasting thing: love. I was truly impressed with the show and all the performers. It truly kept me on my toes the whole time and made me want to get up and dance. Everyone was so amazing with their humor, talent and charm. Their skill was unprecedented and impeccable.

Here is a video with some highlights from the show:

The performance will also make its debut in Central Florida on Saturday, September 27th, at the Bob Carr Performing Arts Centre in Orlando.  Tickets are now available for all dates through Ticketmaster or the respective theater box offices.

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Pablo Croce Productions

This is a truly an amazing show and one I will definitely be recommending if they return to Miami. This will however, be debuting in Orlando this weekend and next month in Houston, Texas for Hispanic Heritage Month. If you are available, I highly suggest you check it out. I will keep you updated with more upoming cultural events happening around town my beauties! Xoxo

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