Esalon: Salon Quality Haircolor Made Just For You!

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Hello my beauty stalkers!! I am so excited to bring you something that I think it one of the greatest services in the beauty industry. I was offered a chance to get the full experience and try out Esalon, a personalized, salon quality hair color customized for me. I am a definitely girly girl who loves to get her hair and nails done, but sometimes time doesn't allow me to always go and sit in the salon, so I was so impressed with Esalon's formula and that I can do it at home. This is perfect for those on the go and who want impeccable quality, without the extra time commitment. You can create a profile, customize it to your specifications and even send in a picture to their chemists to get a precise match. It is completely personalized to your needs and you can even choose demi-permanent to permanent. They also have some amazing tools and aftercare products to make your at home hair color long-lasting and beautiful! Take a look at some pics of how it works:

All the tools you need to make it easy and flawless! It even includes their new heart lock it shampoo and conditioner to keep your color long lasting and healthy!

My personalized instructions!

This is how a full kit with everything comes! Fabulous and I love the new look with the heart logos.  

This just shows you how fabulous and easy it is to get your perfect shade delivered right to your door.  The formula of the hair color is phenominal and leaves hair soft with vibrant color! They also have this fabulous aftercare treatment called "Tinted Love" that works to refresh your color and keep it beautiful! I highly recommend Esalon for all your at home haircare needs. You can set up a schedule to have it on auto-delivery for as long as you like. For more information and to check it out, go to their site:! Have fun my gorgeous beauty lovers! Xoxo

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