Miami Beach Models Sponsored by Covergirl, Nuevon and LatinWE

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Last Wednesday, I attended an event in South Beach for the launch of the new reality show "Miami Beach Models" that will be airing on the #1 hispanic Youtube channel, Nuevon. The event was hosted at the SLS hotel, was a fabulous mix of beautiful models, latin celebs, media and bloggers such as myself in attendance who got a sneak peek to the show. Sponsored by Covergirl, Nuevon and LatinWE news, it was fabulous! There was a full model makeup station sponsored by Covergirl, where you could get color matched for their new Outlast Stay Fabulous Foundation, try the new Clump Crusher mascara or their Blast flipstick lipsticks. The new nail polish, Outlast stay brilliant nail polish was the star of the evening as well at the hot nail bar. We got a sneak peek of the first episode and it was really fun to watch and will have three judges including: celebrity fashion stylist, Karla Birbragher, beauty expert, Gabriel Samra and renowned fashion photographer, Milcho es Milcho. Truly it was a great event and definitely a show you want to check out! Here is some more info and photos from the event:

Check out the Judges: 

 One of the models at the makeup station:

  Some of my fabulous photos from the event:

 The fabulous Covergirl nail bar:

Feeling like a covergirl myself, I was styled by Igigi in the lovely Julianna dress:

 My pic with the amazing KarlaB and her entourage!

I got color matched by this beauty!

 The new Outlast Stay Fabulous foundation! Stay tuned for my review.

Our sneak peek of the show!

 The Step and Repeat was crazy!

My pic with one of the gorgeous contestants!

 Plus I got to meet one of my crushes: Latin Soapstar, Guy Ecker!

Here is more information on Miami Beach Models: 

Shot in a beautiful mansion in Miami Beach, “Miami Beach Models,” will feature contestants living under the same roof and the resulting drama of 10 fiercely competitive Latinas that will bring out their best and worst; an experience that will either break or make them. The winner will take home a cash prize of $10,000 and the opportunity to become a COVERGIRL® digital ambassador to be featured in COVERGIRL® online platforms as one of the Latina voices for the brand.
Each episode will feature contestants facing incredible challenges that will include tutorials on how to use multiple COVERGIRL® products, underwater photo shoots, experiences with animals on the Everglades, challenges on the beach, creative and make up tests and many more, that will push their skills to the limit and where each judge will explicitly assess their performance and decide who stays and who goes.

Here is some information about the Nuevon:

Nuevon is a Hispanic celebrity-oriented, pop culture channel YouTube™ channel with more than 40 million views and 90 thousand subscribers. NuevOn, created by LatinWE in partnership with Electus,  features a variety of entertaining reality, drama and comedy formats that are specifically tailored to young, multi-cultural Latinos, such as: Mi Vida con Toty, Miami Beach Models, Yes You Can With Chabán, Isla Presidencial, Prankiando, Turn It On, El Diario de la Güera amongst many others.
 So if you want to watch an entertaining new reality show, make sure to check out "Miami Beach Models"! Happy watching my beauties.... Xoxo

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