Where have I been???

9:08 PM

To all my gorgeous stalkers......I just wanted to check in with you all and let you know that I am not lost. I know that I have been somewhat lost in the past couple of months, but it is all with good reason. As you all would know by now, since I have been taken a larger part in Curvy Magazine, I am going nonstop! I have a lot of things I am planning and really excited about them. I just wanted to do a quick post to let you know that I am working on fabulous stuff for my blog and Youtube channel as well. Let me know if there are anything you would like me to share, review or write about please let me  know. I am also working on getting the word out on my blog, channel, etc. So if you could share it as well, I really would appreciate it. Also, make sure to stay tuned to Curvy Magazine: www.curvymagazine.com. I am working on a new skincare series that is going to be really interesting and some great interviews.  I am also reviewing some great brands, etc. I am truly excited about all the new fall launches as well. There are some great things to come and I am mostly happy because Fall is MY season. It's when my birthday comes, when the temperature hopefully changes (Not too much in Miami) and when fabulous fall collections come out. ON the beauty front, their are some fabulous products out right now, such as the new DIOR fall collection, MAC's Semi Precious and new launches to come, Guerlain has a beautiful fall collection as well. On the nail polish front, I am looking forward to reviewing several fabulous collections for Curvy. The Zoya Smoke and Mirrors as well as their TOUCH collection (The most perfect nudes, EVER!), China Glaze's Metro Collection, Orly's back to school, OPI's Touring America and Kardashian Kolors from Nicole by OPI look stunning. So I wanted to send you all my love and let you know that there is some fabulous things a brewing.....So make sure to stay tuned and I will be sharing all the good on my twitter and fb as always!!! Stay beautiful my stalkers....Xoxo

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