Spring and Summer Nail Polish Favs

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Hello my gorgeous stalkers!!! I am here with my favs for Spring and Summer polishes. I am so excited about seasons changing and the sun shining. The best part about the sun coming out is sandal season. You can pick up the prettiest sandals and flip flops to show off the cutest pedicures.  It may not be easy to always take the time to do your nails. Everyone is always running around and busy, but a girl always needs to take the time to keep her nails cleaned up and pretty. I really love the colors that have been coming out for this season and I see beautiful mani/pedis in my future, Lol!!! So here are some of the shades that I wanted to share with you today. No matter how many colors there can be out there, some girls love their beautiful French or neutral colors and those are wonderful. One color that I think is beautiful is “Bela” from Zoya, which is truly a ballerina’s color having a product placement in the movie Black Swan. There are also some gorgeous light shades in the 2010 summer collection from Essie. The shades range from bright oranges and greens (GO CANES!!! Miami fans) to gorgeous lavenders and light corals. I have also loved my beautiful shades from the Nicole by OPI Justin Bieber “One less lonely girl” collection. The look so gorgeous on and there are a great variety of shade ranges. Another fabulous collection that I love for these seasons is the FLASH collection by Zoya, there are some wonderful, bright shades that look beautiful on all skin tones. I really didn’t mention too many yellows only because I know that a lot of people can be up in the air about those. Chanel’s mimosa is getting tons of posts and reviews in the beauty community. I am actually a fan of a couple of yellows, there is Sephora for OPI in cab fare and China Glaze’s Lighthouse from the Anchors Away Collection. Check out my video on my favs for these colorful, gorgeous seasons. I would love to hear your thoughts as well on colors that you love. Thank you so much for being part of my amazing journey and look forward to more exciting things to come!! Please feel free to check out Curvy Magazine for my reviews on fabulous products. You can find me there at: www.curvymagazine.com under Beauty/Health. Until next time my loves! Peace, love and beauty always!!!! Xoxoxo

Photo Credits:

Essie Summer Collection 2010 – alllacqueredup.com
Zoya Flash – cafemakeup.com
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  1. I love love love Demure Vixen. It is so work appropriate (not that I'm working right now but I'm interviewing so that counts) I will probably go and get some of the other colors you metioned especially Bela. I just hate that I have to order Zoya online. Thanks for the update.

  2. i luv all the colours~~~they are soooo pretty~~~

    btw im holding a giveaway, if you are feeling lucky, come and sign up~~~


  3. You've picked great colors. :)


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