Beauty from the inside out....

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Hello all my gorgeous stalkers! This post is to give you a few tips on things that we may forget when thinking about looking and feeling our best. We all know that the most attractive and valuable thing that a person can have is confidence. Besides believing in yourself there are also some things that can fall through the cracks if not taken into consideration. The important beauty essential for everyone one is: Water! This is the number one thing to help you keep gorgeous skin and to get rid of toxins in the body.  It is so important to drink at least 8-10 glasses a day. I know that this is not news to anyone, but most people think of it in terms of dieting. Water does keep you healthy but serves to keep you beautiful as well. Another item that I am a strong believer in is Biotin. This is vitamin that is made to promote healthy hair, skin and nails. You can purchase it at any drugstore, walmart, target, etc. It really makes a difference and you can tell pretty quickly. I have very fine hair and am always looking for things to keep it strong and shiny. Biotin has really helped me with this. I also recommend a good amount of vitamin E.  It is fabulous for the skin and can be used to make at home facial remedies as well. You can also find it in delicious foods such as almonds and avocados. You can always see vitamin E in your lotions and body creams, so you know it is wonderful on the skin. You should always be on the lookout for home treatments, remedies that are good for you. There are so many products in the beauty industry and sometimes you don’t need so many chemicals. There are tons of natural beauty remedies around. One thing I will say is that you may not always have the budget for certain things, so always be on the lookout for alternatives. I do believe in investing in your personal beauty needs. This can mean in a certain product or sometimes maybe buying a larger size of something so that it lasts longer. Because you are so unique and so special, you should make the effort to invest in yourself. It can lead to you feeling better about the way you look and that is priceless. No matter what, you should always remember that stress and anxiety can be aging and will show all over your face. Something that will make you beautiful no matter what comes your way will be when you take life one day at a time. Meditation is a fabulous way to achieve this. You can lose all anxiety by letting your mind wander and finding a place of peace. You are amazing, so make sure you project that everyday.This happens by making sure to laugh at any obstacles that come your way and smile as often as possible!!! I hope this was helpful to you and please feel free to comment or suggest whatever works for you….Love, peace and beauty always!!!! Xoxo

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